Christian Courtship Covenant

February 21, 2007 at 7:22 am (Christian Courtship Covenant, Christian Dating, Commitment, Courtship, Intimacy, Love, Patience, Relationships)

When you enter yourselves into a
Christian Courtship Covenant
KNOW that you are FRIENDS who like each
other and have interest towards each other
God’s FAVOR & BLESSING upon your LIVES

The FOCUS is in getting to KNOW each other…
becoming GOOD FRIENDS and CARING for each other
as BROTHER & SISTER in the Lord with PURITY,
GODLINESS & KINDNESS towards one another…

You are PRAYING for one another
and ENCOURAGING one another
to WALK in the WAYS of God
and pursue INTIMACY with Him
to become the MAN & WOMAN of God
He CREATED us to be…

You are giving it a TRY
to our Lord Jesus Christ
for the DIRECTION of your

If God will use YOU together to
If God has SOMEBODY else for YOU…
If YOU are going to SERVE Him ALONE…
You are awaiting PATIENTLY on God
and ALIGNING yourselves with PURITY,

that if your COURTSHIP does not work out
You will be MATURE enough to part as FRIENDS
without resentment and with all due RESPECT
for each other’s FEELINGS…

It’s ALL about HIM
It’s not about YOU!
You put your HOPE in God
and you let GO…

Have Your WAY in US Lord!
God You DO it…




  1. Biodun Ajayi said,

    I want God’s Direction in someone I really love and I think about her every moment of my life. I feel us living together in happiness and in His Peace. But I don’t know how to tell her that I love her, I’m scare of what could be her response to entreaties.

    Pls, I you Interfere on my behalf to God for mercy and favour.

    “…for he who found a wife, found a good thing obtained favour of the Lord.”

    It is what I needed my Life.


  2. Bradley Mull said,

    This post about courtship is absolutley encouraging. I needed that and I feel that it was speaking directly to me as I am trying to wait patiently on the Lord in my courtship story. Its not about me, its about the Lord, and I tend to forget that sometimes because I get so anxious and worried that I will never be happy without this girl and I feel that I just keep doing things wrong. That is one of the hardest things to come to terms, that this might not be the girl that God has planned for me, because I love this girl so much and I am not even married to her yet, and the thought of living the rest of my life without this girl just breaks my heart. I just met her father the other day. I am learning to wait and have faith in the Lord and seek His name first and His will first. I am going to print this posting and tape it in my car and on my mirror to remind me of this covenant, not only with this girl, but most importantly, with the Lord Jesus Christ. Because its all about Him, not me. Thank you belovedheart!

  3. Vanessa Kayange said,

    God is faithful he will fifil o he promised upon you

  4. Preparing Your Children for Biblical Betrothal - Coming In The Clouds said,

    […] Things to focus on in a courtship relationship […]

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