Duties of Housewives

A housewife is the traditional female  complement to the male breadwinner in a married couple. Housewives are women,  although househusbands are becoming more common. These are men who don’t work  for a paycheck outside of the home, but instead focus their energies on caring  for the home and its occupants. Exact housewifely duties vary depending on the  individual desires and circumstances of the couple; however, there are some  commonly accepted duties among housewives.

  1. Husband

    • Housewives are to care for and support the husband in different ways. This  may include making sure the husband has a clean and restful home environment,  caring for the husband’s clothes, shopping for the husband’s personal hygiene  products, attending the husband’s work functions, listening to the husbands  concerns and being intimate with the husband.


    • If children are present in the household, the housewife is typically  responsible for their physical and emotional care as well as their education and  development. The housewife bathes and clothes the children, makes sure they are  fed, teaches and supervises grooming habits, provides intellectual stimuli such  as reading to them or playing games with them, expresses concern for their  well-being and shows affection. Other duties include chauffeuring the children  to school and lessons, organizing social schedules and helping the children with  their homework.


    • The housewife is generally responsible for cleaning, maintaining and  provisioning the household. Cleaning duties include organizing, dusting,  cleaning, scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, doing the dishes and doing laundry.  Maintaining the household may include paying the bills, creating and maintaining  a household budget, running household errands, mowing the lawn, getting the car  serviced and caring for any pets. Provisioning the household can include  shopping for food and cleaning supplies as well as buying clothes and  accessories for the different members of the  household.


    • Housewives are responsible for providing regular meals for all members of the  household as well as planning and providing for other special meals. This  includes planning, preparing, cooking, presenting and serving breakfast, lunch  and dinner at the house as well as cleaning up afterward. The housewife should  prepare packed lunches for weekdays as well as plan and prepare meals and  parties for holidays, special occasions and work or school  functions.


    • A housewife has a duty to take care of herself mentally, emotionally and  physically. This may include getting proper nutrition and exercise, maintaining  a good physical appearance and grooming habits, and developing hobbies and a  social life outside of the house. This will help the housewife more successfully  fulfill her other  duties.

Source: eHow Family

2 thoughts on “Duties of Housewives

  1. Nick

    This is great an what my mom does.God Bless her an ALL moms an dads,children.I like the old fashioned way of things.I pray Jesus will let
    me have a wife an experiance these things.I’m 33 an never have kissed a woman in a romantic way or had romance. I feel like a robot.
    My hormones also kicked in late,like in my mid 20’s.I have had a crush on a girl,I was a teen,no hormones though.I feel like incapable of being in love with a woman,an I want too SOOO badly.I beg The LORD to let me.Anyone else identify with this? God Bless ya’ll in YESHUA of Israel..Shalom


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