I was widowed at a young age on the year 2001 and this changed my life and outlook dramatically… but by the help & grace of God I have become a much stronger person. JESUS CHRIST is the LORD & SAVIOR of my life & by His strength I am living my utmost for His highest… I have three wonderful sons that I adore and being a single Christian working mom is a tough job but God enabled me to strive for balance & live out my motherly duties, my job & my Christian life with passion & joy for the past years!

Then after nine years of widowhood…. trusting…. and waiting…. The Lord God our Heavenly Father has answered my prayer… and brought me to the love of my life…God brought me &  Dave together…and we became Best friends…. LOVE bloomed and grown deeper….and we became each other’s Beloved….and then Betrothed….and now Better Half…

All praises, honor & glory be unto our Lord God Almighty! We will be forever grateful for the beautiful GIFT of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and MARRIAGE…


  1. bibomedia said,


  2. knowledgetoday said,

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Ray K.K said,

    Belovedheart you are my role model…to love and enjoy my service to God no matter the circumstances. You have inspired me. God bless you.

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