LIFE is a gift to us that is meant to be shared & enjoyed. True LOVE is there from the start. You should give people chances. Good things will come to people who work hard. Silence will teach you if you listen hard. The heart will lead you in the right direction if you follow it. Friends are needed no matter who you are. Family should stick side by side. God will help you if you BELIEVE Him & TRUST Him. Sleeps calms the soul. The HEART & SOUL are important than the looks. TRUST helps the world go round. LOVE brings great things. Pets are great because they listen & love you no matter what you look like. You should always chase your DREAMS….

Always show your TRUE COLORS just being who you are, and not pretending to be more for someone other than yourself…

I have learned to pray for what I need rather than what I want, to seek significance rather than success, to search for God’s way rather my own, and to look at what I can give rather than what I can take. I have found the course easier and the direction simple. I worry less and trust more. I use things and love people rather than using people and loving things. It has cleared my eyes, heart and soul for what is really important.

Only open hands recieve gifts.
Only open minds recieve wisdom.
Only open hearts recieve love.

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